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LinenRaj was founded with the philosophy of going beyond the expected and standing out in the world of fashion as an Indian luxury brand. Our mission is to deliver world-class quality through deliberate and persistent innovation. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality European linen, celebrated for its unparalleled softness, durability and luxurious texture. The choice of European linen, known for its durability and eco-friendly properties, aligns with the brand's dedication to providing products that last.

“People think good quality is expensive. We believe it’s priceless.”

The Meticulous crafting of rich, resilient fabrics to cover a diverse range of wardrobe and style needs reflects the brand's versatility and dedication to meeting the preferences of a fashion-conscious audience. The attention to detail, such as the feel of fabrics on the skin, the comfort of collars, and the precision of stitching, showcases Linen Raj's commitment to providing a premium and comfortable experience for its customers.

“Great quality isn’t an act. It’s a habit”